It is important to keep up to date with all innovations in e-mail marketing. To stay on top of our game, our database marketers visit  seminars. During the “Marketing Automation” seminar by Copernica, our email marketing partner, the 6 e-mail marketing trends that are important in 2017 were talked about. In this article, our database marketers are deepening into Copernica’s 6 e-mail marketing trends and giving their opinion on how they review these trends.

Trend #1: Customer Relationship

Client binding is not a new term, even in email marketing. It is a term that is becoming increasingly important. Why do you have to invest in customer commitment in 2017? Retaining a customer costs less than recruiting new customers. Something that is often forgotten.

E-mail allows you to respond to this trend in an easy but effective manner by approaching the regular customer who has taken a product or service once more (more about that at trend # 2). By approaching the customer in a different way, the customer will return. Therefore, focus on the existing database, instead of recruiting new customers. A regular, recurring customer provides more than a customer who once reduces a service or product.

Trend #2: Data-driven personalization

At trend #1 we have already talked about the regular customer on which to set up your database. At trend #2, we go one step further to return that regular customer. It’s all about personalization, a term you hear more often in email marketing. With this step, you base your personalization on data about the customer from your database.

“When it comes to data-driven personalization, it’s no longer about personalization in the form of a first name in the content. This should be by 2017 standard. What this is about is the matching of the mail based on customer’s customer life cycle. “- Abby den Teuling

As Abby indicates, the content of the email in data driven personalization is adapted to customer’s customer life cycle and partly dependent on the phase in which the customer is located. An example of this is if a customer repeatedly searches the website for a holiday in Croatia without having to book a vacation. You can send this customer a flow of automated emails containing more information about different regions in Croatia or even offers.

Due to computer-driven personalization, it is also possible to match campaigns across channels, not just by email. Has a customer already booked a vacation? For example, he or she may be excluded from a Facebook ad campaign. Conversely, behavior on other channels can also be used to provide automated email flows.

Trend #3: Email Security

Email security as email marketing trend? That’s for sure! 86% of all emails sent are spam. Fortunately for the customer there are filters to intercept these mails. But what if your bulkmailing comes true? Right: many hours of hard work disappearing in the spam folder.

Therefore, good e-mail security is required, such as SPF and DKIM or DMARC. In addition, we see that DMARC is really the future. This because you can run your full dashboarding based on feedback from the DMARC setting. This increases the percentage of delivered e-mails. Something that is important in the coming year as a result of all technical developments. A directly applicable measure: using a (double) opt-in that increases the chance that an email enters the customer’s inbox. This will keep your database clean and ensure better results.

“SPF, DKIM and DMARC are technical terms that may deter, but with the help of an ESP (e-mail service provider), they are usually easy to configure. A simple measure is to use a double opt-in. In addition, it is important never to mail a large group of new profiles directly, but slowly roll it out. This will prevent your email from entering the spam box. “- Abby den Teuling

Trend #4: Responsive Email

Just as the website should also believe in email to a responsive template. This will not be applied to all emails for a long time. At PI marketing, this is a standard. Especially because Gmail has made it easier to create a responsive template since the late 2016 update.

“A responsive template is no longer reminded by the increasing use of mobile devices. Looking at our customer database, 28.6% reads his or her emails on a mobile device. That’s almost 50% of the open. It is therefore important to ensure that your email template is also responsive in 2017. “- Fay de Keizer

By using a responsive template for your email campaign, you also make it easy for the customer to see your entire offer. If this is not the case, the customer must scroll from right to left or miss a large portion of the content. In short: a responsive template provides a more user-friendly experience, which leads to a more positive feel and ultimately more clicks.

Trend # 5: Less is more

The average consumer gets an increasingly shorter attention span. A general email without images will no longer hold attention. In addition, it becomes increasingly difficult for consumers to focus on multiple subjects. The informative mail is an exception to the rule, but for an inspiration mail image is indispensable to trigger the customer. Fay also looks back at the customer:

“We see with our customers that an email with inspiring image, based on the subject of the mail, works much better. This is always a combination of a short, powerful message and inspirational image. This not only captures attention, but also turns the customer into action. “- Fay de Keizer

Trend #6: Video

A trend that has already come forward at trend #5 and one you sure heard about is video. According to content experts, 84% of the content video is in 2020. Therefore, video is becoming increasingly important in e-mailmarketing. As mentioned above, only text is a no-go in inspiration emails. Images has taken a strong position in encouraging action at the customer. But in-depth, you do not have to restrict yourself to an e-mail campaign to only images. Today is video the way to attract the consumer as a brand. In a year’s time, we expect video to no longer be remembered from a standard email template.

Also interactivity within email will increase more and more. Think of menus, forms, a calendar or a game. Currently interactivity is supported only by iOs, Apple Mail and Android Ice Cream Sandwich. We are curious about how this will continue to evolve, but will see infinite possibilities for e-mails in the future.


These were the 6 email marketing trends! What trend or trends do you think is going to be important or going to be in 2017? Let us know in the comments.